When People Say We Are “Masters” At What We Do, It’s Really True!

That’s because this year, more than any other, we truly ARE masters in the world of horticulture. We have always considered ourselves experts in the field of gardening– and, now we even have the enviable credentials to back up that statement… This year, we can boast that we have no less than 5 Master Gardeners on staff—all with their own unique knowledge and special areas of gardening interest and expertise. That’s a pretty unique situation! Niepagen staff members who hold Master Gardener status include:

• Sharon Jaeger– one of McLean County’s 2008 Outstanding Master Gardeners
• Donna Thiel
• Karen Sackman– Master Gardener from Wisconsin
• Vern Shepherd
• John Hensley

It’s not easy becoming a Master Gardener. It’s a long process that takes a lot of hard work, enthusiasm, dedication and effort in pursuing the certification process. To find out more about the McLean County Master Gardener organization and what it takes to earn the title of Master Gardener, just click on the following link: http://web.extension.uiuc.edu/mclean/mg/index.html. We are very lucky to have these people as extended family members and hard workers during this busy time of year. They are all ready and eager to offer their own hard-earned, knowledgeable advice to you, our customers. Got a nagging gardening question? We are sure any one of our talented Master Gardeners can help!

In fact, any number of our family and staff can assist with your gardening needs. Why, we can even do some of the planting for you! Just bring your empty pots in, and Melvin will be glad to plant them for you. Or, bring in your pots, and you can do your planting right here on the premises– and leave the mess to us. In any case, we look forward to helping you this growing season. As you probably can tell from this information, we have a great staff this year!