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Perhaps the unpredictable weather has got you behind on your spring planting– the early spring warm spell followed by that late stretch of cold weather certainly threw everyone for a loop! Maybe you’ve been sidetracked by family activities related to the end of the school year, graduation or an upcoming vacation. Maybe you are even indecisive about what to plant this season. Or, perhaps you have just been procrastinating, like everyone does from time to time. Whatever the reason, if you haven’t gotten a jump on spring planting, and have visited other garden retailers in the area recently, you’ll likely see that their stock of annual flowers, perennials and vegetables is getting pretty depleted… Or, the selection is limited to just a few tables of dreadful-looking, droopy plants. That’s not the case at Niepagens!

Visit us and you’ll see loads of beautiful, healthy plants just looking for a place to grow. You may be surprised to know that we still have an excellent supply of annuals, perennials and garden vegetables throughout our greenhouses. You will also find a nice selection of hardy trees & shrubs in stock, as well as a beautiful array of traditional and easy-care roses on hand. In particular, we have a larger than usual assortment of daylilies, which would add some stunning color to your perennial garden! Our inventory of hardy hydrangeas, which are just starting to come into bloom with their mounds of flowers, would make a great addition to most any landscape. And, if you are looking for shade-loving perennials, we have many varieties from which to choose, including an outstanding assortment of hostas that will thrive in areas that receive limited direct sunlight.

Plus, many of these plants are unique to the area and only available at our facilities– “exclusives” to us alone. When you get right down to it, Niepagens likely has the largest selection of live plants around. Thankfully, warmer weather has finally arrived! So, don’t delay any longer– shop today where healthy, beautiful plants are plentiful– Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses & Garden Center.




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