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…for EVERYONE! Yes, it’s time for all students to get ready for the school year ahead. Summer seems to never be long enough for most. From now to the first bell ringing in the school hallways, it will be a race to see just how many more summer activities can be fit into the remaining few weeks– trips to the swimming pool, picnics, family barbeques, vacation trips that have not been taken yet, summer concerts, outings to the park and zoo and, of course, just hanging out with friends will take precedent over routine daily events. Also in the coming weeks, parents and students alike will be busy shopping for school supplies and books, getting registered for classes, getting physical exams and vaccinations, signing up for band, orchestra or choir, getting up early for football practice or cheerleading camp, just to name a few things in preparation for a new academic year. It certainly is a hectic time!

And, as we observe all the students getting “primed” for school, we would offer that all future educational activities do not necessarily have to be centered just on your student family members. Education, after all, should be a lifelong pursuit for everyone, young and old alike. Many of you have probably noticed that we have ramped up our class offerings this year at Niepagens, with over a dozen classes and workshops done during the first seven months of 2015. We decided early in the year to ratchet up the number of classes that we would be offering. Topics have ranged from “Building a Cold Frame” to “Miniature Gardening”, and many other topics in between. There will be a number of other classes made available, too, as we wind our way towards the end of the year. Our “Porch Pots” classes are very popular during the fall months, especially just before the holidays! So, you see that it doesn’t only have to be youngsters taking classes. You, too, can expand your knowledge. The goals of our classes and workshops are to help you become better gardeners… discover and develop some new hobbies… cultivate some different skills… learn some things that you didn’t know before… plus, have a little fun and make some new friends in the process! So, browse the Classes & Events Page of our website regularly to see what we have scheduled from month to month. Remember that you don’t have to be a scholar to enroll in our classes– just have a good attitude and curious nature!

Also, a couple reminders about two special events coming up this month… First of all, don’t miss our Sidewalk Sale from Friday, August 14th through Sunday, August 16th during regular business hours. We know that you are bound to find something that you really like during this sale… and save some money, too. Secondly, don’t miss our annual Gathering of the Gardeners Festival on Saturday, August 22nd from 11AM to 2PM. This year’s event is dedicated to our dear friend, Vern, “The Tomato Man”, who had been a notable gardener in the area for many years and a steady supporter of gardening and gardeners everywhere. He loved this event and usually showed up with a bunch of his delicious tomatoes for everyone to admire and enjoy! It’s a fitting tribute to Vern– who understood what gardening is all about! Click on the Classes & Events Page for more details.  

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