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How did this happen? Our Garden Center is rapidly being transformed into a Christmas wonderland! We leave our facilities at the end of the day, and when we come back the next morning, it seems as if even more holiday decorating has been done overnight. We are a little bit puzzled by this, since no one on staff is admitting responsibility. Of course, we are moving along at our own pace, in preparation for the Christmas season. After all, it’s still only November– no need to get in a big rush, right? Yet somehow every morning something new appears in the store… more twinkling lights… some new decorations… more unique gifts appear on the shelves… tasty food items are there, too, ready for sampling… and then there is that unmistakable scent of evergreen and spice that has begun to permeate the air. We all have our suspicions what is causing this holiday transformation. Lee and I believe that a band of industrious elves has taken up temporary residence in our buildings and are having a heyday during the after hours. We can just imagine the bustling activity, after all of us have left for the day and the lights have been turned off. Those little fellows must be working hard!

Of course, we’re doing our part, too, to gear up for the holidays. Piles of balsam fir and other natural woodland elements, along with yards of colorful ribbon are being brought into the building every day, soon to be fashioned into wreaths, sprays, cemetery decorations and our famous Porch Pots. Supplies of natural evergreen roping are being woven together daily for your holiday decorating. Live greens and plenty of beautiful, lush poinsettias in many colors are also adding to the festive atmosphere. And speaking of Porch Pots, you too can create one, even if you have never attempted to make one before. Just sign up for one of our “Make & Take” Porch Pot classes. For more detailed information, simply click here (link to Classes & Events Page) to find out more about it.

While our story about elves working overtime to prepare Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses for Christmas might really be a bit of “creative” fantasy, there is little doubt that there is plenty of holiday magic happening throughout our store. To witness firsthand what we (and our friendly elves) have been working on, we invite you to attend our annual holiday launch, “Four Friends, One Fabulous Weekend” (link to Classes & Events Page) on November 13th, 14th & 15th. We’ll be ready for the holidays… how about you? Be sure to join your friends to celebrate this magical time of year!

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