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You’ve just finished cooking a batch of burgers on the grill and you’re getting ready to take the first bite of that glorious burger. It’s been dressed up with all the fixings, some of which came out of your veggie garden. You look out across the backyard at your beautiful vegetable and flower gardens. “What great looking plants!” you say to yourself. You’ve done well– all of your garden planting is complete and your plants look fantastic. Suddenly, you begin feeling a little uneasy… like a thousand sets of eyes are watching you! You peer out across the yard into the lush, green foliage… and you pause for a good, long time before taking that first bite. Your gardening instincts tell you that there may be good reason to be jittery. You want to believe that your gardens that will produce some great-looking flowers or yield many tasty vegetables for the dinner table, but something else may be about to happen. You’ve really just rung the dinner bell, alerting all insects in the vicinity to drop by for a PICNIC! Your gardens could be a feast for these hungry invaders. Before you know it, these uninvited visitors may be gleefully chomping through your cucumbers, emulsifying your echinacea, making applesauce out of your orchard or enjoying a quick snapdragon snack… At Niepagens, we’ve got the friendly, expert advice and quality, effective products to keep these unwelcome diners away. We have a large selection of insecticides and pesticides to protect your vegetable plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. We can also offer ideas on protective methods using common household products and even have some natural insect deterrents available. Just stop by today– we’ll be happy to recommend effective products and offer helpful advice to keep these destructive pests away!

And, another reminder: Everything’s planted… now, WATER & FERTILIZE! Pay close attention to the watering instructions for specific plants. People usually tend to over-water their plants, causing root decay and eventual death– it’s better to water less more often, than to overdo it. And don’t forget that plants need constant nourishment, so use fertilizer regularly according to instructions. We recommend Jack’s Classic® brand fertilizer. It’s what we use on our plants daily with outstanding results!


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