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Try the Plant Finder!
Take advantage of this unique feature to plan ahead for spring gardening.

No need to mope around the house during these winter months. Sure, winter’s icy sting can definitely limit physical activity, but it need not prevent you from at least dreaming about the warm days ahead. For today, you can take action to start envisioning and plotting out your “dream garden”, without even making a trip to the Garden Center or setting foot in your untilled garden spaces! All it takes is a few thoughtful clicks, a little scrolling, some careful exploration and a bit of easy reading to get through to some vital gardening and landscape information– information that will influence your plant choices and make the 2015 growing season a whole lot easier– and more productive, too. Last year, we revamped our website, and in the process added a very useful feature that many of you may not have discovered yet.

We encourage you to explore our new Plant Finder feature by clicking on the “Find Plants” button in the top menu bar. That click will take you to a wealth of valuable information about almost any plant that you can imagine! From there, you can navigate through a detailed plant database that will help you make informed decisions regarding your garden for this year’s plantings– and for plant purchases that will take your home gardens and yard well into the future. Once there, you can access information about a variety of plant types. View photos and descriptions of the plants in which you are interested. Find useful details about specific plants, including information such as plant size, spread, growth habit, light requirements, recommended uses, etc. There is a lot of great information in this database that will prove to be invaluable to your decision-making. Do the research AHEAD of the growing season… develop a plan… plot out your garden space… chart a course… assemble and save your own Plant List from the information that you acquire from the Plant Finder resource. The advance work that you do during the winter months will help you make good choices, when it comes time to get out in the dirt and start gardening again!

We want all of our customers to be the best gardeners that they can be. The Plant Finder feature accessible here will give you the knowledge to be just that. So, as the frigid winter winds howl outside, enjoy planning ahead for the upcoming growing season in the cozy comfort of your home. After all, when you think about it this way, springtime really IS just around the corner!

And speaking of spring being just around the corner, a sure sign of it is the upcoming Annual McLean County Home, Lawn and Garden Day 2015 on Saturday, March 7th at Central Catholic High School in Bloomington. This event is sponsored by the University of Illinois Extension’s McLean County Master Gardeners and is a day full of information, guest speakers and timely seminars that will be of interest to gardeners and homeowners alike. Niepagens will even be presenting two seminars on Vegetable Gardening during the event, so get registered and join us for this fun-filled and informative class. Registration is required, so contact the extension office today!

A Friendly Reminder

During the early months of winter (primarily January & February), we often keep somewhat irregular business hours at our store. So, if you are thinking about stopping by to shop at our Garden Center later in the day, it might be a good idea to call ahead first, just to make sure that we will be open. We usually are around for the lion’s share of most days, but we sometimes close earlier than normal on slow winter days.



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