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Canning and Freezing your labor of love– those homegrown fruits and vegetables!!!

If you’ve managed to get your vegetable garden planted in the midst all the heavy spring and early summer rains, then you probably are beginning to see the emergence of a bumper crop of veggies. We’ve heard from many of you who have tremendous tomato plants growing with heavy loads of fruit coming on the vines. Other gardeners have green beans blooming and setting on, ready to pick in a week or so. Fruit-bearing trees and shrubs are also shaping up nicely, with a big, flavorful yields in the offing. Before we know it, we will be in the joyful throws of picking our produce from the garden. While praying for bountiful harvests, we need to plan and prepare in advance for what to do with all of that beautiful, fresh food! How do we make it last? Canning and freezing are great options for preserving your garden produce for winter use at the table. Our final Thirsty Thursday, “Canning & Freezing Your Produce” addresses this timely topic. Join us on Thursday, July 23rd, from 6PM-7PM to learn the basics of canning and freezing. Learn how to safely preserve vegetables from your garden and fruit from your orchard or berry patch. Then, take that new knowledge and go do it yourself! Now, you can enjoy the pleasure and benefits of flavorful and healthier homegrown food year round. 

Also, Saturday, August 22nd will be the annual “Gathering of the Gardeners Festival” from 11AM-2PM. It’s a chance to gain some recognition for your gardening skills, share extra produce with others, visit with other gardening friends, show off a specially prepared vegetable dish and exchange recipes, taste other dishes brought to the event– and just have a good time bonding with your peers. It’s always fun, when a bunch of gardeners get together! More information on this event will be provided in our August web edition.

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