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We are truly amazed at what a beautiful summer we have had so far this year! We’ve had a very small number of excessively hot days, plenty of timely rainfall to keep things nice and green without much need to use a garden hose– and relatively gentle breezes to keep things comfortable throughout the days and nights. With the exception of the lingering winter that kept us from an earlier start to the growing season, everything this spring and summer has been just about PERFECT. And under normal circumstances in August, we encourage our customers to exercise caution if planting anything during the month… especially perennials. The August heat usually hinders most plants from getting a good start, before winter’s arrival. But this year seems to be an exception. So, feel free to continue planting during this late summer/early fall. This year is the ideal time to beautify your property for next year by planting perennials, trees and shrubs today!

And, don’t forget those fall vegetables, either. Such things as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, radishes, turnips, lettuce and other leafy green vegetables can be planted now for an extra fall harvest in advance of the winter months. We’ve got a good supply of plants and seed to meet those fall gardening needs.

So, it’s important to get out there and enjoy the astounding weather that we have been afforded this year. Given the horrible winter that we endured, this growing season has been beautiful. And planting today will make you feel good about your gardening efforts. That’s because you will be doing something that will bring both short-term rewards and lasting satisfaction for years to come. Doing this now is also guaranteed to bring a great sense of accomplishment and a smile to your face, when plants start emerging from the ground next spring. Embrace this outstanding weather– continue gardening!


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