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With Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses & Garden Center officially in existence since 1963 (that’s 52 years), it is probably safe to say that we have more than a little experience in the greenhouse business! Actually, the family roots in the business of growing things dates back even further– to 1910, when the Niepagen family first moved into the area and established their first greenhouse. To date, we have had five generations of Niepagens working in the business. Things have changed a lot… and grown a lot since those early days. Over the years, though, our family has worked hard to establish the business as one of the best and most reputable greenhouses in Illinois. You can’t do that by being “like the other guys”. Here are a few of the things that we believe set us apart from those “big box” stores that offer garden plants and supplies this time of year, as well as other greenhouses in the area…

Quality. We offer the healthiest and most beautiful plants and highest quality garden products possible to our customers. Throughout the year, we are constantly searching for new growers, nurseries and resources to supply our various needs throughout the year. We regularly attend the largest and best trade shows in search of products that meet or exceed the highest quality standards in the industry. And, our research into new sources is always ongoing, as we talk to other greenhouse owners throughout the country for professional references… and, of course, do a great deal of research on the internet, as well. And, when it comes right down to it, we grow thousands and thousands of plants right here in our own greenhouses– just to assure that quality is maintained. Not many full-service greenhouses still do that!

Selection. Variety is the spice of life, they say. And so it is in the gardening world, too! We believe that we have the largest selection of plant varieties in the area. As examples, if you are looking for a particular color or color blend of calibrachoa… a certain type of leaf shape in coleus… a shrub that meets a growth habit requirement… or a specific hue of petunia, it’s likely that you will find just what you are looking for right here. And we select plants that are perfect for this zone, too, so you don’t have to worry about whether your plants will grow well in this part of the country. And, if perchance you can’t locate a particular plant on your gardening  “wish list”, we will see if we can track it down and place a special order for you. Our vast selection is hard to beat!

Knowledge. Our years of accumulated experience, in part, demonstrate our knowledge of plants. Naturally, information about gardening and how to successfully grow plants has been passed down from one generation of Niepagen to the next generation. Knowledge is not lost, but instead is expanded upon and refined, as time goes on. Our staff regularly attends seminars and workshops to get more information about growing plants– and the greenhouse business in general. Plus, we are constantly checking up on the latest techniques and methods for growing better and healthier plants through online resources. Additionally, many of our staff are Master Gardeners– a title that requires that they meet rigorous criteria and standards set by that organization’s governing board. Others on staff are specialists in particular areas of horticulture. At Niepagens, you won’t get a part-time cashier looking at you with a blank expression, when you ask a particular gardening question. You will get sound advice from professionals.

Service. Everyone at Niepagens is enthusiastic about working in the gardening business. That enthusiasm is reflected in the type of service that is provided to our customers each and every day. It drives us. Our staff looks forward to coming to work each day, to see what new challenges await. Staff members are always helpful, pleasant and courteous, because they genuinely LIKE what they are doing. For most that work here, it is a lifestyle. So, getting help in selecting your plants… getting advice on what fertilizer or insect control to use… or simply getting some help loading your plants into your car– it’s all easy at Niepagens. Because we’ve built our business on providing excellent service!

Well, that’s it. Those are a few key things that differentiate Niepagens from other garden stores in the area. So, tell a friend, bring someone along on a shopping trip to our facilities, or simply direct them to this website for more information about us. We are confident that once they know us, they will become more than a customer, too. We love making new friends!

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