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Since the beginning of Creation– to be exact, on the Third Day– God created plant life… trees, shrubs, flowers of all colors and sizes… some fruit bearing and others seed bearing… He created them for the enjoyment, nourishment, and survival of mankind. It's something that is easily overlooked or forgotten entirely in our fast-paced lives. How closely have you looked at a single bloom of a flower? The intricacy and symmetry to the most miniscule detail is amazing. And have you ever looked closely at the bloom of a wild Queen Anne's Lace? One bloom is actually comprised of several small flowers in perfect circles within a circle– all held together by delicate stems, much like a puzzle. For one who enjoys the hobby of macro-photography, looking through my lens, I see an incredible world of detail, down to the tiniest of flowers. We enjoy the visual stimulation that plants provide us… they uplift our spirits, even make us smile with pleasure. That just addresses one of our senses. And, we have not even talked about the fragrances that abound! The smells that they create can be pretty amazing, too. Today while out watering the mums, I took time to bury my nose in one of the blooms. Usually, we don't take notice of the fragrance of mums, but I was curious… and, curiously surprised! Mums give off a hint of camphor in their fragrance, almost akin to a subtle version of the herb, rosemary (which by the way, I dearly love)!

Plants benefit us on so many levels… some critical to our very existence! They produce oxygen in our world, so that we can breathe. They clean the air! Some provide us sustenance by way of producing fruits, nuts, and seeds. Others provide medicinal properties that we can use for our very wellbeing. Yet others are simply here to provide us pure joy! Colors, shapes, fragrances and tastes… we find all of these in the plant world. So, as someone who appreciates plants of all kinds, I offer this advice. Take time out of the busyness of life, slow down, bury your nose in a bloom, look at the littlest of details…. and most of all, ENJOY!!!

--- Jennifer Doggett, Staff Manager at Niepagen's

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