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Sometimes, the best message is the simplest one. Simply stated, Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses & Garden Center is a locally owned business that has officially been in existence since 1963 (that’s 52 years). The core business of the company is selling plants. Niepagens is known for their high quality products, large selection, vast plant knowledge and excellent customer service. Basically, Niepagens’ main product line consists of the following:

Annuals. Although annuals grow and last just one growing season, they pack plenty of visual punch while they are here! The varieties of color, height, leaf structure and texture offer a huge amount of interest to anyone’s yard, porch or patio. At Niepagens, we have thousands of them– most already blooming and ready to go into your hanging baskets, containers and flowerbeds. Using some ingenuity, any number of plant combinations can be created. With some certainty, we believe that we can say that we have the largest selection of annuals in the area. Plus, many of them are exclusive and unusual varieties that are only available at our greenhouses.  

Perennials. If you are looking for plants with an extended lifespan, then planting perennials should play a part in your garden planning. Once planted and given some time to become established, perennials can provide years of beauty and pleasure. Growing a perennial garden requires a long-term commitment, but in the end, the results will be worth the effort. At Niepagens, we carry not only the most common perennials, but also many hard-to-find plant varieties. Some of these perennials are truly unique and are provided exclusively to us alone. We also stock an excellent variety of native perennial plants. And note that we have also expanded our collection of daylilies for this season– there are many more beautiful colors from which to choose. Visit our greenhouses to discover thousands and thousands of beautiful and hardy perennials ready to go into your flowerbeds.

Vegetables. Nothing can be more satisfying than growing your own vegetable garden. There is nothing quite like fresh produce from the garden to get everyone’s attention and to satisfy hungry appetites. At Niepagens, we can provide everything you need to make your vegetable garden successful. We’ve got plenty of high quality seed and starts on hand and lots of healthy, vigorous potted vegetable plants available, as well, for your gardening plans. The extensive vegetable selection also includes a large number of heirloom varieties and a good selection of organic varieties, too. With quality varieties of seed, sets and plants, paired with Niepagens’ extensive knowledge and expert advice, you can have a very productive vegetable garden this year!

Trees and Shrubs. When you plant trees and shrubs, you are really planting for the long haul. There is little “immediate gratification” when planting a tree or shrub. But as you nurture these plants and watch them grow through the years, you will also be growing a deep feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment! By planting trees and shrubs, you will be creating a whole host of benefits– shade and natural “air conditioning”, habitat and food sources for other living creatures, fruit, nuts and berries, in some cases, for humans and wildlife alike, the natural compost of leaves and debris falling to the ground and eventually even firewood or lumber. At Niepagens, we have high-quality trees and shrubs available from well-known nurserymen for your long-range goals. And, if you want a specific tree or shrub that we don’t have in stock, we would be happy to place a special order for you. We can also offer helpful advice for planting, fertilization, watering and details about specific tree and shrub varieties.

Tropicals. Want to take a trip to paradise? If you plant tropical plants during the warm weather months, you may never have to leave your porch or patio to go on vacation! Our expanded selection of tropical plants will definitely make you think that you are living in a much warmer climate. We’ve got a wide variety of tropical plants in stock– from palms and ferns… to beautiful and colorful hibiscus… to more exotic species… to vining types… to succulents and smaller, lush “table top” varieties. Discover how tropicals can transform your home environment into a summer time “island escape”!

So, those are “the basics”– what you most need to know about our business. Of course, we carry many other home and garden items to make life beautiful, but these five categories are really what bring folks out in droves during the spring and summer months. If you are already one of our regular, loyal customers, then tell a friend or direct them to our website for more info. Better yet… bring them along on your next trip to our greenhouses. People throughout McLean County and beyond are still discovering the basic difference between us and other plant retailers– that Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses & Garden Center offers the best plants and sales support in the area!




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