Garden Goods

Garden Products

Success in the landscape depends not only on high quality plants, but excellent nutrition and care as well. At Niepagen’s, we are proud to offer you the same products used by professional growers to cultivate outstanding plants. With potting soils from Fafard™ to fertilizers from Jack’s Classic™, and pest management products from Bonide™, including many organic options, your plants will maintain their beauty and vigor throughout the growing season. The products that we use in our greenhouses are the same ones we offer you.

We also carry a large selection of tools for digging and pruning, and tools for watering your plants. You’ll love our Atlas™ gardening gloves to keep your hands clean while playing in the dirt! These nitrile gloves are tough as nails. The palms and fingers are coated with nitrile rubber to withstand punctures and even small thorns.


You’ve picked out the perfect plants, now you need the perfect container to go with it. With glazed ceramic pottery from Alfresco Home™, terra cotta clay pots and saucers, and polyresin pots from Crescent™, we’ve got you covered! Choose from our large selection of pottery to help accent your beautiful plants both outdoors and indoors.

Classic or contemporary, large or small, you are sure to find the perfect pot that will fit right in with your deck, patio, or home.

Indoor / Outdoor Decor

Looking for a chic accessory to add even more personality to your landscape? Our selection of garden decor will help you create a space that is uniquely you. Fun and whimsical? We have it! Modern farmhouse look? We love it too! Gifts that are on the edgy side? You and your friends will have a blast shopping our candles, socks, lotions, lip balms, and tumblers!

For those who are passionate about miniature gardening and fairy gardens, we have the widest selection of fairies and accessories around. The kids, and the kid in you, will love exploring our 2’x4’ fairy wonderland showcasing all our miniature accessories. Your garden will be the bee’s knees!
An afternoon browsing at Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses, is an afternoon well spent!

CBD Products

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